Rebuilding a Dirt Bike: How Often to Do It, Average Cost, and More

Having a dirt bike that can perform as well as possible on the trails, and be easy to maintain, both in cost and time is the dream of every dirt bike owner. This is a difficult balance to reach. Additionally, dirt bikes need to be rebuilt more than many other vehicles out there because, well, they take a lot of abuse. When it comes to rebuilding a dirt bike, there is a big difference between cost and frequency when we’re talking about 2 strokes and 4 strokes.

How much does it cost to rebuild a dirt bike?

Rebuilding a two-stroke dirt bike ranges from $50 to $500 and four-strokes are $1,100 and up, depending on the specific components replaced by the shop.

Each type of dirt bike has pros and cons, but 2-strokes are quicker, easier to repair, and really light to haul around. Let’s take a look at the differences in each of these primary types of dirt bikes, what the overall maintenance looks like, and what both auto shops and real-world experience say when it comes to the dreaded rebuild.

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How Often Should You Rebuild Your Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are pretty hardy machines that can withstand rough conditions for a long period of time. As such, it’s hard to make definitive limits on how often they should be rebuilt. However, the two main factors to consider are your RPMs (rotations per minute) and your riding style.

Many dirt bikes can last for over 100 hours of ride time between rebuilds if it’s casually ridden, but more aggressive riders on rougher terrain may find that their bike wears out within 20 hours or less. As a general rule, you shouldn’t ride for more than 100 hours without performing some level of maintenance.

If you ride your bike over rough terrain and push it aggressively up steep hills, you will need to maintain/rebuild it much more frequently than that.

In addition, there are some warning signs that will start to show up when your bike is in need of repairs. Some of the major signs include low compression (loss of power), difficulty starting, and plug fouling. Keep an eye on any handling problems as well, including steering difficulty and poor suspension.

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How Long Does a Dirt Bike Take to Rebuild?

In terms of how long a rebuild takes… well that really depends on how severe the issue is and whether you take it into a shop or tackle the rebuild yourself. Experienced dirt bike owners who are mechanically inclined and have all necessary parts on hand, can complete a rebuild on their dirt bike in a single day. However, taking your dirt bike to a shop for a rebuild could take a few days or weeks.

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